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About us: Bulwork is the first IT and TELCO recruitment agency in Bulgaria with more than 18 years of significant presence int he market. The company...


Who is our client? A small innovative company specialised in creating digital platforms, mobile applications and software solutions depending on...


Who are we: Bulwork is the first IT and TELCO recruitment agency in Bulgaria with more than 18 years of significant presence in the market. The...

Senior DevOps Engineer

And our client has just acquired a local company with the ambitious aim to attract hundreds of IT Geeks for its newly formed Hub in Sofia and to...
About us

Bulwork® is the first IT focused recruitment and consulting agency in Bulgaria, founded in December 2000.

Bulwork is a leader in the local market in Bulgaria in:

  • IT and TELCO Recruitment
  • Recruitment for BPO organizations
  • C-Level positions for the IT sector
  • Market surveys in Bulgaria for the IT sector (salary levels survey, labour regulations survey, talent pool availability, trends in the labour market).

Why Bulwork?
Because we:

  • have the largest network of active IT profiles in Bulgaria
  • will save your time
  • will minimize your cost
  • allow you to focus your efforts on your main business, having the comfort for using an expert who take care of sourcing good and qualified talents for you
  • support and help your growth and development.

Our goal: For our local and international business partners we would like to be a constantly reliable and stable partner, which distinguish ourselves through moderate provision costs, excellent know-how, flexibility, continuity and accurate service.

Да помогнем на Иван!

We Want You!

If you are:

  • Software Developer; 
  • Project Manager;
  • Quality Assurance; 
  • Business Analyst; 
  • System Engineer;
  • DB Administrator
  • DB Developer;
  • Graphic Designer; 
  • Web Designer; 
  • Customer support with different foreign languages; 
  • HR Specialist; 
  • Banking and Finance Specialists; 
  • C-Level Manager.

This means we're looking for you. We are available for individual career consulting and suggestions for a new job.


News & Events

PlovDev 2018

Bulwork will be part of PlovDev 2018. Plovdiv meets the most awaited annual conference PlovdivDev for the 6th time! The city of the hills and this autumn will bring together specialists from the sector. Our goal is to bring together IT students and business people to share experiences, ideas and enthusiasm. The event is organized by Proxiad Bulgaria as part of the company's strategy to help the city's IT community.

HR Summit & Career Fair Plovdiv 2019

Bulwork company will be part of this year's HR Summit & Career Fair Plovdiv 2019. The company will be represented by Lachezar Belanski, who is an operational manager and business development manager at the company. HR Summit & Career Fair Plovdiv 2019 will be held on March 22 at the Plovdiv International Fair and we will be part of the Discussion Panel "Useful Tips and Practices". The program of the event itself is divided into four...

Innovation Explorer

Bulwork will visit the Innovation Explorer event on 21.02.2019. The new edition of the forum raises the question of the limits of the capabilities of technology and people. Where, will these boundaries take us? How far will we get? Is there a last barrier that we will not go through? Are technologies developed beyond our control and whether they are good or bad? This year's edition has only two complementary but also contradictory panels:...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for more than one open position?

If you already have applied for any open position, your contacts are saved in our DB. In case of a position for which you are relevant, our...

Can I send you my CV, although there is no open position for which I am suitable?

You can always send your CV with an updated information about you. This would help to assist successfully for finding your new job.

How long will take to find a new job?

The time for finding a new job is strongly individual – in a period of five working days you can have a meeting with our client, followed by a job...
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